M&T Investors - Our Strategy

Why work with M&T Investors?

M&T investors is a locally owned and operated real estate investment company located in Northern Virginia. We invest our own money and personally work on all of the projects we take on. When you deal with M&T you will be working with Mark and Theresa. When we agree to buy your house, it will be because we believe we can improve your situation, fix up your home to its former glory, create an attractive place to live for new homeowners, improve the neighborhood and make a profit for our hard work.

When we make you an offer we will use our own cash or cash from investors that we already have immediate access to. We never have a financing contingency. You can be confident that we will close in the timeframe we agree on. We have a network of contractors who have worked with us for a long time. We trust them and they trust us to do the best quality work. We are not interested in quick flip or get rich quick schemes, the deal has to work for you, for us and for the ultimate buyer who will live in the home.

When we buy a house for cash the transaction is trouble-free. Once we agree on a price, we schedule a closing and bring cash to the table. We usually close within two weeks, sometimes sooner if necessary. All we have to do is draft the closing documents and schedule a closing time with our title agent.

M&T Investors Help Homeowners
It’s no secret that real estate investors like us buy homes for cash. Less obvious are all the ways in these sales benefit the seller. Selling quickly for cash is a great option for lots of people, it may even be the only option for some.

The homes of some sellers we work with require extensive renovations that they just don’t want to, or can’t, take on. Some have inherited property they either can’t or don’t want to keep. Many times properties we buy will not qualify for conventional financing eliminating all possibility of selling through traditional channels. Divorce, bankruptcy, falling behind on payments and other personal situations sometimes result in the need for a quick sale rather than a drawn out traditional approach.

M&T can help you determine appropriate steps and guide you through figuring out what your options are. Please give us a call so we can work with you one-on-one to find out if we can help.

M&T Investors Help Neighborhoods

When houses in need of repair are fixed up, that benefits the entire neighborhood. Real estate professionals like Theresa and Mark from M&T Investors are looking for properties that we can invest in and upgrade to make them attractive to an owner occupant buyer who will take care of the home for years.

In most cases we make improvements to the property so it can be sold through traditional channels down the road. In some cases we make improvements in order to keep the property and rent it out. In both cases M&T makes substantial investments in repairs and upgrades in order to make the house attractive to traditional buyers or tenants who will live in and become part of the neighborhood.

We introduce ourselves to the neighbors and work hard to incorporate the neighborhood aesthetic. Since we will be fixing up the house ourselves, we become part of the neighborhood for a while, getting to know the neighbors and sometimes even helping them spruce things up. Existing homeowners who plan on staying in their house benefit greatly when M&T Investors buy homes on their street, repairs the property and attracts new buyers looking for a great house in a nice neighborhood.

Our investment in individual houses helps everyone in the neighborhood. We really are improving neighborhoods one house at a time.

Is selling to M&T Investors the right choice for you?
Only you can decide what is right, but here are some things to consider. First and foremost you need to know who you are dealing with, when you will get your money, what contingencies there will be and know that the people you are working with will deliver on their promises.

When you call M&T Investors, you are dealing with Mark and Theresa. We will personally guide you through the process, then come out to meet you and take a look at your home. We will be involved every step of the way. Even after closing we will be working on the home and becoming part of the neighborhood until we believe it is ready to be sold to a traditional buyer. At that point we take on the burden of dealing with contingencies, financing, long drawn out sales cycles and expensive realtor commissions.

If you need a quick sale, the traditional realtor process will not work. That takes time and their buyers will want financing contingencies. If your home is in need of repair, they may not even be able to get financing, so after all that time the financing contingency may kick in and you have to start over. M&T buys for cash, our own cash or cash from investors that we have now. We can close as quickly as we can make arrangements with our title agent. That usually takes two weeks, but we can get it done in a week if necessary. When we buy your house you get the cash, give us the keys and you are done. You do not even have to clean it.

Financing is not the only contingency that could come up from other buyers. Home inspections, appraisal, insurance, liens, lead paint, mold, asbestos, even a requirement that buyers sell their current house first can all cause problems and delays. When M&T offers to buy your house we to not put contingencies on the offer. If you accept, we schedule closing and give you the money.

All the promises in the world don’t mean a thing if you cannot trust the people making them. Mark and Theresa from M&T Investors have been buying and fixing up homes for over 30 years. When we buy a house it is because we know we can make a difference for the seller, the neighborhood and ourselves. We don’t have to go find money, so there is no financing contingency. We know how to fix problems like mold, lead paint and asbestos, so that does not scare us. We do our own inspections, so you are not at the mercy of an inspector looking to kill the deal or change the price. Our reputation speaks for itself. We are proud of the projects we have done and will only do work on your house that we can be proud of as well.

If you want to sell your home in Northern Virginia or DC, need a quick sale and want to know who you are dealing with, give us a call.