Sell Your House

Realtors are an excellent resource for selling the average home. However, when your circumstances are not average you may need more specialized help.

Realtors typically do not have experience selling houses that are in distress or that need special handing to deal with unique circumstances like lender problems, code violations, tax liens, probate issues or houses that need extensive repairs. It is not the realtors fault, they focus on selling to buyers that will use traditional financing and plan on living in the home. Since traditional financing is not an option for distressed properties, realtors usually cannot help.

It takes special knowledge an resources to save or sell a house that is in distress. No matter what has caused the issues that make it difficult to sell your house to a traditional buyer we are trained to find solutions and help you.

Usually houses like this must be brought back to top condition before selling to traditional buyers. That is where we come in. Because banks will not lend on properties like this, they must be purchased for cash, as-is, with no contingencies. That is exactly how we buy houses.

We take on the risk of finding mold, asbestos, non-working appliances, leaky roofs and other problems that would scare other buyers away. We love fixing up houses, getting them back into top shape and then selling them to a proud new homeowner.

When you work with M&T Investors you will get;

Fast Sale: We pay cash and can close in days, not weeks or months.

We pay CASH: Our specialty is buying, fixing and then reselling properties that are hard to sell. Because banks will not lend on this type of house, we pay cash. We have the money now, so there is no waiting for financing approval. If we agree to buy your house we will pay you cash as soon as we can schedule the closing.

Avoid further problems: The longer you wait, the worse a bad situation becomes. We may be able to help you avoid foreclosure by working with your bank. Water damage, burst pipes, non-working appliances and other serious issues get worse over time. We can get you paid and take on the problem in just a few days.

Get back to what you care about: Our business was founded on the idea that we can help people, improve neighborhoods and make money by helping homeowners get what they need to move on with their life. Owning a home can be rewarding, but it can also be challenging. If you are in over your head, don't want to deal with it anymore or just need help learning what your options are, we can help.

If you have a house that is difficult to sell or does not qualify for conventional financing we can help. If you are in danger of loosing your house, need help or just want to explore your options call us at 571-207-9006 for a free consultation.