Where are you buying properties?

We are based in Northern Virginia and looking for properties in Northern Virginia and DC. We are not part of a national chain or big conglomerate. We are a local company based in Northern Virginia and work in areas that we know. That allows us to be hands on and provide personal attention. Our preference is for close in communities like Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax County, but we will look at properties as far out as Loudoun County. We are also looking in all parts of Washington DC.

Who is M&T Investors?
Theresa and Mark are professional investors who specialize in buying, fixing up and reselling distressed properties. We have a lot of experience doing this and a great team of other professionals that help us with repairs, financing, title work, legal and the other moving parts. We buy houses for cash, fix them up and then either resell them or keep them as rentals for ourselves. You will be dealing with us, not a faceless big company. We are full time real estate investors that have over 30 years of experience. We buy all types of houses in Northern Virginia and DC in any condition and we pay cash.

Who sells their house to M&T Investors?

Sometimes people find themselves in an “distressed situation,” i.e. loss of a job, divorce, medical issues, etc., and they need cash now. Many times these homes are owned by good people who have fallen on hard times and need help to get out of a bad situation. In some cases the longer they stay in their house the worse their situation becomes. M&T Investors use their own CASH to buy properties in Northern Virginia and DC.

If you find yourself in any of these situations and need cash now we want to talk to you.

  • You own property in need of costly repairs and do not have the financial ability, time or desire to make the repairs
  • You cannot afford the real estate taxes or other ownership costs
  • You are going through a divorce and need to sell your house quickly
  • You inherited property and need or want to sell it quickly
  • You are relocating and need to sell their house quickly
  • You have vacant investment properties
  • You have investment property with problem renters
  • You are behind on payments and/or are facing foreclosure
  • You live out of state and don’t want the hassle of long-distance ownership
  • Your listing expired without finding a buyer
  • You are upside down, or with little or no equity
  • You need to sell your property quickly for any other reason

Regardless of how much you owe, the repairs needed, tenant problems, your personal situation or any other issues, M&T Investors can buy your house for cash, close quickly, and even pay your normal closing costs.

What kind of houses do you buy?
We are looking for distressed houses that need extensive repairs in good neighborhoods. Our goal is to buy houses that are difficult for traditional buyers to purchase, either because of the repairs or because banks will not approve loans because of the condition.

What is a distressed property?
Distressed is a termed coined by the industry to identify properties that are not in good enough shape to be sold to a traditional buyer. Many times these properties do not qualify for conventional financing, eliminating most traditional buyers even if they were willing to take on a house that needs repairs. Distressed property is usually sold As-Is where the seller either cannot or will not make any repairs. We are fine with that and buy houses As-Is all the time.

What does As-Is mean?
One of the biggest problems with selling a house quickly (especially a “distressed” property) is getting it ready to sell. If you are in a hurry, or your cash is limited, fixing up the house can create a real problem for you. But if you don’t fix it, you know it will be very difficult to sell. New owners don’t want to buy a house that needs cleaning or lots of work. That’s where we can help you. We can buy your house in any condition. You don’t have to fix it. You don’t have to paint it. You don’t even have to clean it.

How do you determine how much you will pay for my house?
We will come take a look at your house to evaluate what will be required to bring it back into top condition. We will then take a look at what other houses are selling for in your area to determine what it will eventually sell for to a conventional buyer. Once we have that information, we can determine what we can pay you in cash today.

When we evaluate your home, there are several factors we consider:

  • The condition of your home
  • The amount and cost of renovations required
  • The time required to complete the renovations
  • The value of the house after renovations, in comparison to other homes in the area
  • The cost of holding your house while we do repairs (utilities, taxes, insurance, financing, maintenance)
  • The cost of selling and closing (realtor and title company expenses)

Do you require an inspection?
We do want to look at your house, but that is only so we can figure out what it will cost to repair and bring it back to top shape. We never ask you to do any of the repairs. We buy As-Is for cash.

How does the process work?

Just give us a call or send an email so we can get some information about the property you want to sell. The information about your property will be reviewed and analyzed directly by Theresa and Mark. We will then promptly contact you to arrange a time to answer a few more questions and schedule a time to come out and take a look at your property.

Unlike real estate agents who list houses and charge a fee, we buy houses outright, so there are no fees, no obligation and we move fast. When you sell to us you avoid the 6% commission a realtor would charge, effectively cutting out the middleman. Because we buy As-Is, we will never ask you to make repairs. You will get cash as quickly as we can complete our analysis and schedule the closing.

Why should I choose M&T Investors and not a Real Estate Agent?
Real estate agents often charge a 5-6 percent commission and cannot guarantee your home will be sold. This is especially true if your home needs work or will not qualify for conventional financing. You may even need to bring cash to the closing if you have no equity. M&T Investors is a faster and far more convenient way to sell your home. We buy your home As-Is and,  pay cash with no financing contingency and can close a deal in days or weeks

I see several companies claiming to buy houses in any condition. Are Why should I work with M&T Investors?

Theresa and Mark are not wholesalers or middlemen looking to lock up your property and sell it to someone else. We personally fix up all of the properties we buy and eventually sell them to traditional buyers ourselves. Sometimes we keep them for ourselves as rentals. We use our own cash, so there is never a financing contingency. We look at the properties ourselves so you know who you are dealing with from start to finish.

Selling Distressed Properties - FAQ